For people who don’t know, PyBelgaum 2015 is a local Python conference happening in Belgaum. It is a 2-day conference, conducted by the Python community under PSF. I was a speaker and my talk was on Python wrapping a Json API. - slides I traveled 1,600 Km for 3 days. Most of my time went sleeping on trains and buses. It felt like crazy, but I was excited to give a talk on my project. »

Pycon India

This was my first pycon, I was eager to meet some of the greatest minds in the opensource world. The keynote started with Kushal Das…and he shared some of his wonderful experiences with python. How he began his journey in his undergraduate years and how some of his projects helped the local community educate using computers. He has also been a core contributer to a wide variety of upstream projects. Upstream a powerful word I came across. »