For people who don’t know, PyBelgaum 2015 is a local Python conference happening in Belgaum. It is a 2-day conference, conducted by the Python community under PSF.

I was a speaker and my talk was on Python wrapping a Json API. - slides

I traveled 1,600 Km for 3 days. Most of my time went sleeping on trains and buses. It felt like crazy, but I was excited to give a talk on my project.

The talk was about yaaHN which wraps a simple HackerNews API. It was a beginner talk and I was explaining students about REST APIs and services i.e coursera and hackernews api, how they work. In the end I showed them a app could be easily written using such APIs. The crowd was cheerful and very supportive.

Looking back, things have changed. I started learning python a year ago, an electrical major, trying to self-teach python from all kinds of website and opensource projects. Reading code from other people has helped me a lot than reading any books.

Anyways, back to my schedule :

The workshops I attended:

and the Talks I attended:

All in all the talks were great, food was great :D. Loved it, the experience was chilling and my favourite part was attending the workshop

Gotchas in Python - When Python gets slippery for you. It was fun trolling python.

Usually people love trolling javascript for it’s weirdness, but python too gets it wrong at some point :D.

And among talks:

Understanding Python’s DataStructure: Dictionary. It was indeed a depth talk on dictionary, how it’s key clashes and how to use it for better performance.

I had a chance to talk to Sayan (great dude who works at Hackerearth, a proud mozillian and a gsoc 13), met him on last year Pycon India. Back then he was explaining me how opensource works. Contributing to opensource projects is fun though. It’s hilarious when two PRs clash.

I actually had a situation where I had to update a PR (reset/revert the previous commit) and another PR got merged at the same time. Unfortunately, both the PRs had a file in common which raised a conflict and due to the force updates there was a diversion in my branch. And finally while fixing it my repo crashed :P. It took me 5hrs to fix it. Haha .. :D

I will come up with new stories…stay tuned