I am Arindam



Hi ,I am Arindam Pradhan 20, I live in a small town Bhubaneswar in India. I am an electrical engineer undergraduate at CET,Bhubaneswar.

I have a keen intrest on FOOS and Competitive Programming. I enjoy programming because it’s fun, keeps me focused and calm. Have a look at my github, these are some of my works. Currenty I am self teaching, I follow mostly blogs, tutorials and github projects. I easily get motivated a lot and my dream is to be the best programmer, master a single language and write lots(tons) of code.

I am a foodie and love french fries, hell ya I love playing games and try to complete them in a day. So, I get addicted to lots of caffine and coke.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch, send an email. Arindam is on twitter, google+ and posts intresting stuffs. Intrested in doing projects, you can always contact me.